T Shirt Personnalise

Les t shirt personnalise sont une façon inconnue de faire part du message de votre entreprise à une audience plus large, d’avoir un côté visuelle unique ou encore d’enrichir votre équipe. Nous vous proposons une gamme complète de t-shirts pour le personnel déclinés dans une vaste variété de coupes, couleurs et styles. La qualité et la durabilité de nos produits sont une garantie, en tant que le choix de matériaux écologiques et en coton bio.

Pour les occasions spéciales, le tee-shirt personnalisé est un cadeau de valeur appréciable. Whether for a wedding, an enterrement de vie de jeune fille (EVJF) or a depart a la retraite, these t-shirts are ideal to mark the occasion. Our range of t-shirts for men, women and children offers a style to suit your needs and budget, from t-shirts economiques to premium t-shirts en coton bio.

We offer a wide choice of different types of personalisation techniques, all designed to ensure your logo or text is printed in the best way possible. The most popular method is screen printing, which is available for both digital and rotary printing. Digital printing uses the latest technologies to reproduce your design in full colour on high-quality t-shirts. The t-shirt is then coated with an overcoat, which protects the print from fading and cracking. Using this technique means we can produce more complex designs and colours without the need for complicated screens.

Compared to other methods of printing, our digital process is quick, simple and more environmentally friendly. Rather than using traditional solvent-based inks, our printing is done with water-based eco-friendly inks that are both kinder to the environment and your health. Our digital printers are also more accurate than traditional rotary machines, which allows us to print intricate designs and small fonts with ease.

In addition to screen printing, we also offer a range of other personalisation options, such as embroidery and laser engraving. Embroidery can be used to add a small motif, such as a logo or a date, to the back of your t-shirt. Laser engraving is a very versatile method, which can be used to etch the surface of your t-shirt with a fine pattern or to add a name to a personalised t-shirt for example.

We offer a selection of fabrics for your t-shirts, from 100% cotton to organic coton and modal, all sourced from responsible producers. Our t-shirts are made in Germany, so you can be sure of the quality and durability of our products. You can customise your t-shirt in just a few clicks on our owayo configurateur: just select the product you want to personalise and indicate the sizes, names and numbers you require. We will then quote you a price that includes the cost of the fabric, the printing and the delivery charges. You can then choose to pay online or by bank transfer. Our t-shirts are delivered worldwide. Please allow a week to deliver your order, as this gives us time to verify the details of your customised t-shirt and prepare it for shipping.

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