Teenage Part Time Jobs and Why You Shouldn’t Bother

Looking for teenage part time jobs? That little bit of extra income and feeling of “time well spent?” Don’t bother. Here’s why.

When you’re younger, you have an abundance of free time compared to ‘adults’. If you’re at school or college, you’ll typically be rapping up many more “spare” hours than someone working full time.

It’s up to you how you spend this time; yes there’s socializing, homework/coursework and other activities you probably do, but the real time for ‘earning money’ is your screen time.

How much TV do you watch a day? How many hours do you spend on the internet (ahem… Facebook, YouTube,) and other screentime (PlayStation/Xbox/Wii?). Ever totally lost track of time and spent hours watching YouTube videos?

I have. I’ve wasted hours upon hours upon hours mindless browsing the internet and flicking through TV channels looking for something vaguely interesting to kill time. Why though? How many repeat episodes or YouTube playlists is “too much”? This kept bugging me for ages, whilst at the same time I was spending more on my phone, going out etc.

It dawned on me that I could in fact channel my efforts into something more productive online. A business perhaps, that could earn real money – and of course pay for bigger things later on. A car, perhaps even cutting out future post-university debts!

Whether my head was in the clouds or not, I had to find out. A few Google searches later I stumbled across an online course and after much deliberation (and I mean ‘much’ – about 9 weeks and about five views of the video!) I signed up to their course during a holiday I set about learning and producing a website.

Nine months later I had received 45,000 pageviews (just over half from the search engines), made hundreds of pounds (I live in the UK) via advertising and earning commissions on products and even had offers to buy it – which I accepted;-)

Meanwhile, everyone else in my year was obsessing over the latest viral game on Facebook – Farmville…

It’s easy, you don’t have to be technical (you’re taught from scratch) and you can theme it on whatever you like – got a hobby or something you’re really into? An amazing idea?

A successful website can set you up for a fantastic life later on when everyone has their heads buried in student debt whilst your site is receiving thousands of visitors per day and earning plenty of money! youtube playlist

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