The 12 Volt Battery 20ah

The 12 volt battery 20ah is a high-performance lithium power battery designed as a direct drop-in replacement for old generation lead VRLA, AGM or OPZ batteries in 12V systems. It offers a quadruple energy density in the same physical size while being lighter and more efficient. This battery is equipped with an internal microprocessor controlled BMS to monitor key operational parameters (such as voltages, currents and internal temperatures) during charging and discharging, ensuring safe operation and long service life of the cells.

This battery is based on Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry (LiFePO4) and uses a high-tech rhombus cell design to deliver maximum performance, power and cycle life. The intelligent BMS embeds smart balancing algorithms to maintain the correct cell voltage, optimizing battery capacity. This battery is fully sealed, spill-proof and maintenance free with no need to add electrolyte during its lifetime. The non-conductive ABS plastic or styrene cases provide excellent resistance to shock, vibration and chemicals.

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