The Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s coffeeshops have come a long way since their days as hippie dens, some now have a classy speakeasy vibe. And, while the Dutch government has taken a hard line on cannabis possession and consumption in public (it is illegal), it is decriminalized for personal use in these coffeeshops which are fully licensed.

You can find a good selection of quality weed and edibles in these shops but they are really only for marijuana products – anything else (such as magic mushrooms or truffles) can be purchased at so-called Smart Shops which require a prescription or at the very least an official ID card. As for prices, they don’t vary that much from one coffeeshop to another so where you choose really depends on your taste and perhaps where you are staying in town.

If you’re looking for a classic coffeeshop in the heart of the city, try Barney’s which has been open for over 30 years and is a favourite amongst locals. The cosy space on two levels is easy to miss with just a small sign above an ordinary door, but you’ll be glad you found it once you step inside and are welcomed by the friendly staff.

Another Amsterdam favourite is the classy Café t’ Kamer which also serves alcohol. It’s easy to spot from the outside thanks to a large window and classy black furniture. This popular coffeeshop has won several awards over the years and is a favorite amongst locals. coffeeshops in Amsterdam

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