The Best Dad Jokes

The best dad jokes strike a delicate balance between dumb humor and wit. They’re equal parts cheesy and hilarious, and they have the unique ability to make people groan (or laugh out loud) regardless of age or gender. Dad jokes are often puns, but they can also be one-liners or questions and answers. The only thing that really limits a dad joke is its level of cheesiness.

While it may seem counterintuitive, research shows that dad jokes can actually be beneficial for kids. One benefit is that they teach children how to cope with embarrassment. Dad jokes are also a good way to get kids to learn the value of laughter. By teaching them that laughing at something stupid is normal, dad jokes can help kids to overcome social stigma and feel more comfortable expressing their true selves.

There are countless books and articles dedicated to compiling examples of the best dad jokes. While ‘dad jokes’ have become the standard term for these types of humorously lame puns, they are not exclusive to Anglo-American culture. Many cultures have similar humour, including the Japanese concept of oyaji gyagu and Danish terms like onkel humor and morfar vittigheder. The common denominator of all these types of humour is men of a certain age – old enough to have children but not young enough to be considered adults. It is this association with parental status that makes dad jokes a unique form of humor that is uniquely suited to fathers.

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