The Col Du Galibier is a Famous Mountain Pass for Bicyclists

Col du galibier is a famous mountain pass in France. It’s part of the Tour de France and a popular place for cyclists to visit. The road has a total elevation of 2 645 meters and it’s one of the highest passes in the alpine mountains. It’s a very challenging road for cyclists to climb and it’s also very dangerous.

You can reach the Galibier by driving on scenic mountain roads. However, you should drive carefully because there are many cyclists and bikers on these roads. There are a lot of hairpin turns on the way to the summit and it can be very windy. Make sure to bring a jacket and some warm clothing because it can get cold at the top of the pass.

The road to the Galibier was first built in 1876 and it connects Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne in the north (via Col du Telegraphe) and Briancon in the south (via Col du Lautaret). The road reaches the Galibier via two tunnels that run near the crest, making it possible for cars to pass from one side to the other. Until 1976, it was not possible to drive over the Galibier without entering a tunnel, which is why it was such a difficult pass for the Tour de France.

In 1911, Emile Georget was the first rider to the top of the Galibier during a stage of the Tour de France. He finished in a time of 2 hours and 38 minutes, which was very fast for that period. He was only a few seconds ahead of Julien Gabory, who finished in bare feet after losing his shoes in the mud.

The next year, the Col du Galibier was climbed by Jan Ullrich, who won the stage with a huge margin over his opponents. This was his first stage win of the season and it would be his last before retiring from cycling. Until now, the Galibier has only appeared 57 times in the Tour de France. That’s the most of any single col in the Alps but fewer than several other famous ones in the Pyrenees.

Fausto Coppi is probably the most famous rider who attacked on the Col du Galibier. He was already in yellow jersey by the time he reached the summit and he ended up winning the race. He had started the attack with 15 km to go and he finished nine minutes ahead of the defending champion Jan Ullrich.

The best time to visit the col du galibier is between late May and late October. This is when the weather is usually good and the roads are safe for tourists and cyclists. The views of the peaks are breathtaking and you can enjoy beautiful scenery along the way. You can find plenty of places to stop and take photos if you want to. There are a few restaurants and cafes at the summit where you can have lunch. There are also a few shops where you can buy some souvenirs and gifts.

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