The Four Pillars of Audio Visual

As events and conference lengths continue to drop AV is becoming more important for getting your message across. Whether it be a projector and screen for a brainstorming session, or a full set design and lighting display for a main plenary, audio visual (AV) can make a massive difference to the effectiveness of an event.

There are a number of terms and acronyms that get used frequently when discussing audio visual, and it can be difficult to keep up with them all. This is why we’ve put together a quick and easy guide to help you understand what audio visual really means and the technology involved in creating an impactful event.

In short, audio visual is the blending of technologies related to sound and sight into a single unified solution. This includes coordinating speakers, microphones, displays, video conferencing software, control panels and more into a cohesive event. A skilled AV integrator will be able to integrate all of these elements into one seamlessly functioning system that provides value to your event attendees and clients.

Probably the most important element of any AV event is the sound. From the music and sound effects that evoke an emotional response to the microphones and speakers that ensure delegates can hear presentations, a great audio system is key to creating an engaging experience. Just like the best film soundtracks, good sound design is often overlooked, but can add as much to an event as a stunning visual backdrop.

The visual component of AV is where things start to get really interesting, as it’s here where most event organisers go to create their WOW factor and deliver an event that delegates won’t forget in a hurry. From the use of large projection screens for immersive scenography and captivating digital mapping to the creative use of LED lighting, the possibilities are endless.

When you’re deciding which company to partner with for your next event, take the time to explore each of these four pillars and see what they can do for you. With the right vision and a skilled AV integrator, you can transform how your organisation connects, communicates and delivers. AV isn’t just about delivering content, it’s about telling stories that engage, inspire and change the way you do business.

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