The Shutter Stock: All about Interior and Exterior Shutter Windows

The Spanish first introduced window shutters to us. The South is replete with wider, louvered style window shutters particularly in the Spanish plantations. Today, these windows are a popular choice across America. Window shutters are back in style again!

Shutter windows were originally designed to be functional. That means they could be opened and closed using louvers. The louver was designed to control the amount of light and even the angle of light. However, these days, shutter windows can be chosen for mere aesthetic appeal; for no functional purpose except to add curb appeal.

There are two types of window shutters.

Interior window shutters look beautiful on the inside of your home. Unlike drapes, they don’t fade and don’t have to be washed regularly. They’re also better at keeping allergens away than curtains or drapes.

Exterior window shutters can provide additional protection from the elements of nature such as heavy rain or storms. They also can have a latch to add security to your home.

There are several reasons why you should choose window shutters for your next home improvement project.

Shutters or curtains?

  1. They are easy to clean and maintain.
  2. Shutters allow light and breeze to easily flow in or stay out.
  3. Shutters are sturdy and solid offering protection from environmental elements.
  4. Aesthetically, shutters are much more appealing due to designs, colors, styles and types
  5. Shutters are more energy-efficient, particularly solid wood window shutters because wood is a good insulator.

Broadly, there are 7 types of window shutters most popular today. Most manufacturers offer customization:

  1. Louvered

This style is the most popular for its simplicity and classic look. With straight lines and a relatively smooth texture, you can have them in any color you want or paint them yourself to get the perfect hue.

  1. Raised Panel

Traditional, yet chic, this design is popular for cottage like homes. Its definitive design and outline makes it versatile when it comes to playing with colors and installing it at different places for an overall comfortable look.

  1. Flat Panel

Simple, clean and easy on the eye, these are perfect for offices or homes with simple straightforward designs. Due to their adaptable design nature, they can be placed anywhere to add to décor and look best in solid wood or base colors. Shutters north east

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