Top Mas Amiel Maury Wines

Mas Amiel is the leading independent producer of fortified wines in the Maury region of France. The Maury appellation is famed for their Grenache Noir wines and although it’s one of the most remote appellations in France, their wine features in many top restaurants around the world.

The Maury appellation is known for it’s rich and flavoursome red wines, made from at least 75% Grenache Noir although other grapes are used, this is the most popular. Many wines are compared to Port, with them having similar textures and at times flavours. This is because Mauray wines are often vinified in a manner similar to Port.

How Are Maury Wines Made?
The process of making a Maury beverage differs compared to others and processes are used that share elements from other notable fortified wines such as Port and Sherry. They are naturally sweetened by the residual sugars of the grapes that are left unfermented in the wine.

The History
Mas Amiel is one of the largest producers of wine in the Maury region. Their appellation can be found just below the mystical ruins of the Castle of Queribus. Raymond Amiel won the deeds to the land which now stands as the appellation in 1816 during a game if cards. Since then, they have been producing top quality wines with many being sold in top Michelin starred restaurants.

Want to try a top Mas Amiel wine for yourself? Here are our favourites:

Mas Amiel Vintage Maury 1980
This wine follows the traditional flavours of Maury wines, with a blend of 90% Grenache and 5% Maccabeu grapes. This gives the wine a very sweet flavour and a full, rich texture. Strong aromas erupt from this wine, including sweet tobacco and plums.

Mas Amiel Maury 1998
Compared to many other of these wines this differs in style. The wine is a deep red-black colour and has a tempting nose of chocolate, spice and macerated fruits – the perfect blend of spice and sweet! The wine is full bodied with powerful, fruitful flavours that leave a wonderfully rustic impression.

The Côtes du Roussillon Altaïr 2003
Like most Maury wines the Mas Amiel Côtes du Roussillon Altaïr 2003 uses a blend of Grenache Gris and Maccabeu. This wine ferments for a long time to give it a truly rich and sweet flavour. The wine sits in an oak barrel for 10 months giving oak-derived aromas such as honey and butterscotch.

Mas Amiel Maury 2005
The 2005 version of these are vinified in stainless steel to preserve the aroma and freshness of the wine. It works a treat as soft raspberry, spices, cherry and black current aromas make this wine truly special. The velvety tannins give the wine a silky texture that compliments the flavours perfectly.

Mas Amiel Maury 2007
Like many of them, this Mas Amiel Côtes du Roussillon Altaïr 2003 is very similar to Port. Its complexities resemble that of a Port wine, but is in fact more elegant, fresher and pure. best wine tours in Willamette Valley

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