Underfloor Heating Pipe

Underfloor heating (UFH) utilises a network of plastic pipes, filled with warm water, powered by a boiler or heat pump and buried under the floor. UFH systems can be used in new builds or retrofitted to existing homes and are an extremely energy-efficient alternative to traditional heating.

Underfloor piping is an essential part of any wet underfloor heating system as it carries water around the whole installation. The piping needs to be durable, flexible and have a high resistance to temperature, pressure and frost.

There are a number of different UFH pipe options available, such as copper, polyethylene and stainless steel. However, it is important that any piping used for UFH is specifically designed for this type of system as it must be able to dissipate heat quickly and evenly. It is also vital that UFH pipe is kept at a distance from walls and other structural elements to prevent any potential damage or compromise to the structure of the building.

RIIFO’s UFH piping is ideal for this type of application as it has been designed to be highly flexible, allowing installers to easily manoeuvre the pipe through tight bends and corners. It is strong and durable too, being manufactured from a five-layer cross-linked PE-RT with an EVOH oxygen barrier which eliminates corrosion and maximises the life of the pipe.

This type of pipe is ideally suited to laying wet underfloor heating systems in both domestic and commercial applications, with a range of sizes and lengths available. It is recommended that UFH pipes are laid at 100mm pipe spacing throughout the property to optimise efficiency and minimise heat loss. Underfloor heating pipe

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