Using Sex Furniture to Enhance Your Orgasms

Adding sex furniture to your bedroom (and a curated playlist) can take your orgasms from good to great, especially when you’re trying to reach peak sexual potential. While sex pillows, wedges, and beds are the most commonly used options for enhancing your sexual experiences in bed, there’s actually a whole category of kink-friendly sex furniture you can use to explore new positions, make love making more comfortable, and even create a whole new level of pleasure.

The name “sex furniture” is a bit misleading, as some of these pieces of bedroom equipment actually look like conventional furniture, though they’re designed to help you get into more orgasmic positions. Some of them are also more discreet than others. Regardless of how kinky they appear, these products are all designed to maximize pleasure for oral or penetrative sex. They range from the more subtle, like sex benches and horse benches, to the more akin to erotic fainting couches, such as Liberator’s Esse, which goes all in on the aesthetic of the Nugget After Dark life.

Some sex furniture also comes with mounts for sex toys like vibrators, suction cup dildos, massage wands, and male masturbators. The Love Glider, which is available in multiple colors and sizes, is the most popular choice for sex furniture with toy mounts, because it’s super comfy and can fit two dildos, but you can really go wild with this stuff by mounting almost any type of toy.

As with any piece of bedroom gear, it’s important to consider your needs and sexual preferences before deciding on a specific type of sex furniture. It’s also wise to be aware of your space limitations and storage situation. Some of these products aren’t collapsible and are quite large, so you’ll want to make sure you have a place for them in your home before you buy one.

According to Tara Suwinyattichaiporn, a sex and relationship coach at Luvbites, you should also take note of the material your sex furniture is made from. You’ll want to opt for materials that are durable, easy to clean, and will last. It’s also helpful to keep in mind the potential for spills and leaks when choosing what to purchase.

The first time you try out a new piece of sex furniture, you may find yourself feeling a little awkward at first. However, after a few tries, you’ll start to see how much fun it can be. Once you’re in the groove, you might not ever want to be without it again.

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