Utility Management for Multifamily Property Owners

Utility management is a vital role in property maintenance, but it also requires specialized skills and knowledge. From managing water restrictions in drought conditions to overseeing oil fracking, these managers wear many hats and must be able to work with a variety of different people to accomplish their jobs.

It’s important to use a naming convention for your utility bills that includes the address, city, state, zipcode, and the meter number (if applicable). This will allow you to easily import your bill files into a spreadsheet so that you can categorize them by utility later – which will help you identify if your site is being overcharged by one utility or another.

Tracking your utilities also makes it easy to see if there are any inaccuracies in your billing processes or errors in meter data. This will help you find ways to save money by reducing your energy consumption and identifying the cause of excess usage.

Lastly, it’s important to be aware of regulations and standards that are related to your energy usage. Using the right software can make it easier to comply with these requirements and avoid costly penalties.

In this webinar, RealPage will share tips and best practices for reducing risk and staying compliant with your utility cost recovery program. Plus, they’ll review some of the compliance pitfalls that they’ve found at thousands of multifamily properties. utility management

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