Vista Real Estate – History Revisited

Nestled in the sloping coastal hills of San Diego County, Vista real estate has become a prime setting for the new home buyer. With an excellent location, historic charm, and an abundance of landmarks and recreational activities, the Vista real estate area is one of the most celebrated sites in San Diego. Add a booming economy, topnotch school system, and diverse culture, and it is evident why the Vista vicinity was once named as the ideal place to raise a family.

Ideal Climate and Location of Vista Real Estate

The Vista California area is positioned seven miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, on the northern edges of San Diego County. A large majority of Vista real estate is located 45 miles north of downtown San Diego. Vista real estate is perfect for those who enjoy certain perks of the city, but prefer to live away from the big city rush.

Many select Vista real estate due to the high level of education offered in the city. Vista teachers possess a superb reputation, and are among the highest paid educators in the United States. The Vista area is home to the largest public library in San Diego, and is renowned for being a regional reference location for the entire country.

Historic Charm of Vista Real Estate

Vista real estate emits a vibe of both old and new. There are still remnants of Vista’s rich history evident in its real estate and community. The citrus and avocado trees still have a prominent place in the city, however, homes and condos are now replacing the sprawling open agricultural fields.

The Vista real estate constructed in recent years consists of large, modern homes, equipped with ample driveways. The Vista real estate of today is created for convenience. However, there still remain homes dedicated to the Vista real estate owner of the past, the farmer. These quaint older homes present a subtle charm, and hold a certain historic ambience. These engaging homes remain a great investment.

The average price of Vista real estate in 2006 was approximately $500,000. However, these beautiful homes and town houses can range from $200,000 to more than $3 million. As the demand for Vista real estate grows, so will the prices.

Recreational Activities Offered Near Vista Real Estate

Vista real estate is accompanied by numerous notable attractions and recreational activities. With an exquisite surrounding of gently rolling hills, mild climate, and appealing rural setting, Vista enjoys a plethora of year-round outdoor activities. Several noteworthy museums are situated throughout the city, such as the Vista Historical Museum and the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum. Vista is also home to several recreation and entertainment venues. The Moonlight Amphitheatre provides a myriad of performances throughout the summer, while The Wave water park offers fun and sun for the entire family.

The Vista California area offers coastal beauty with a touch of historic character. As this unique community continues to grow, so will its popularity, and real estate options. lentor hills residences

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