Voice Actor Training – How to Get Started in the Freelance Industry

Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced actor looking to diversify your income, getting trained is crucial for success. Fortunately, online Voice actor training is available through courses from expert coaches and professional trainers. You’ll learn a variety of essential skills from how to set up and use your recording equipment to how to market yourself in the freelance industry—which can be done with just your computer, phone, and internet connection.

The most important skill is to build your voice acting portfolio, which is a compilation of your best work. Just like a demo reel for a traditional actor, your voice acting one should highlight your strengths and the kind of projects you’re interested in working on. For example, an animation and video game voice acting demo should showcase your ability to create characters and comedic timing while a commercial voice acting one should demonstrate that you can sell a product.

Most importantly, Voice actor training helps you to become a business owner—since most voice actors are freelancers, they’re responsible for sourcing their own gigs and booking their own auditions. So, it’s vital that you know how to navigate platforms like Voices marketplace and understand the best practices for submitting quality auditions. This includes warming up, drinking plenty of water, practicing your diction and pronunciation, and taking the time to read the sides carefully (character breakdowns for an audition).

Many people find that it’s difficult to break into the field and that there is a lot of bad advice out there. Finding a reputable class or coach to help guide you through this process can be hard, but Voices Premium members have access to exclusive webinars with renowned voice coaches every month!

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