Water Soluble Bag Manufacturers

Water soluble bag manufacturers offer a wide range of bags. They include bags for clothing, laundry, trash and other uses. They are also available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. The bags are made of a high quality material that is completely safe for the environment. In addition, they can be recycled and reused. They are also biodegradable and do not contain any toxic chemicals.

The company makes a water-soluble garment bag that replaces those pesky single-use plastic bags that are often used to protect clothing, underwear, swimwear and soft homewares. This eco-friendly alternative can be easily disposed of when emptying, and is a better choice for the environment than plastic.

These bags are made of a special film that dissolves in hot or cold water, making it easier to recycle and reuse. The bags are ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions that need to minimize contact between staff and contaminated linens. The bags are also an excellent option for hotels and motels that need to contain bed bug infected linens, as they can safely dissolve into harmless ingredients in the washing machine.

PVA is an environmentally friendly new material that is divided into normal temperature water soluble film (0-20 degrees Celsius) and high temperature water soluble film (75 degrees Celsius or above). The product has the following characteristics: high speed dissolving, non-toxic, no pollution, good transparency, high strength, smooth surface, heat sealable, printable, etc. The product has been widely applied to various industries due to its good performance and low price.

In recent years, a number of companies have started to use PVA as the main raw material for their water-soluble polybags. One major producer of PVA for polybag applications, Aquapak, explicitly addresses the question of marine degradability in a white paper published on their website. The company’s conclusion, however, is that their films are not yet marine-degradable.

The water soluble bags are designed to meet the highest environmental standards. They can be used as medical waste disposal bags, medical instrument disposal bags and contaminated linens storage bags for hospitals and nursing homes. The bags collect contaminated medical instruments, articles and patient bed sheets and linens and then transport them to the hospital washing and disinfection system without any polluting residue. They can then be thrown away without the need for any additional cleaning or disinfection.

The water soluble bags can be made using essentially conventional bag forming techniques. The longitudinal ends of the film are sealed by either an adhesive or a heat sealing step, and then the resulting flattened tubular structure is cut into appropriate lengths for bag making. Alternatively, the film may be formed into an open mouth bag by punching or cutting out the desired shape from a sheet of PVA and then applying an adhesive or a heat-sealing step.

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