What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a medical technique performed by a physical therapist to immediately reduce pain, muscle tension and improve mobility. It involves the insertion of a sterile needle into muscles, tendons and ligaments. It can be used to treat numerous musculoskeletal problems including neck, back or shoulder pain; arm pain (tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, golfer’s elbow); headaches; and foot or leg pain (sciatica, calf strains).

The goal of dry needling is to activate a taut band of muscle known as a trigger point. These trigger points can cause local or referred pain. They often occur as a result of injury or overuse. Dry needling helps the body heal from injuries by activating the muscle and increasing blood flow to the area.

We use a patented technique that is called “trigger point dry needling”. It is similar to acupuncture in the fact that needles are inserted into your skin and are targeting specific trigger points. However, the difference is that acupuncture is an ancient Eastern medicine practice while dry needling is a modern physical therapy treatment technique.

Our providers are trained to perform this procedure using a safe and effective technique. A very low risk exists for side effects. However, if the needle is placed in the thoracic area and you experience shortness of breath, contact your provider or physician immediately. This may indicate a potential collapse of the lung (pneumothorax) and would require chest X-rays and further care. Bruising at the site of the needle may also occur but is not common and is usually mild. dry needling north canton ohio

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