What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a form of magic. There is structural (designed, form-based, masculine) magic like spells and there is intuitive magic (female, subtle). Healing falls into the giving/white category of intuitionive magic. When you heal someone your hands come into contact with their energetic field and they receive energy from you. It’s like giving flowers to someone — you have to touch them to give them, and the action symbolizes that you mean it. The tingly feeling that you may get when you heal someone is resistance and not the actual flow of energy. It’s important to remember that your energy contains the story of how you overcame a particular problem and it is this that helps other people when you heal them.

Energy healing doesn’t cure illnesses but it can help to alleviate pain and symptoms associated with them. When combined with traditional therapy, energy healing can reduce the stress and anxiety that causes flares in illness resulting in more comfortable periods for patients and lessening their impact on family members and loved ones.

Anyone can benefit from energy healing. It’s recommended to go in with an open mind for maximum benefit but, just as with gravity, you don’t have to fully understand it before you try it. It is complementary to any Western medicine and should be a part of your wellness routine along with exercise, sleep, and a good diet. Cleansing your energy regularly through bathing in Epsom or pink Himalayan salts, smudging with sage or high-vibe crystals and a daily meditation can be beneficial too.

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