What is Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

Google Cloud Platform is the virtual nuts and bolts that power many of Google’s products like Gmail, Google Search, and the Google Sheets. gcp provides access to a global digital infrastructure that can be used to build and deploy applications and software, reduce hardware costs, and scale as needed.

A variety of industries use gcp to reduce IT costs, speed up development times and improve security. Retailers leverage gcp to support their e-commerce platforms and gain insights from customer data. Media and entertainment companies use gcp to create and distribute content, manage digital rights and engage audiences. Government agencies use gcp to provide citizen services, reduce infrastructure costs and improve security. And, DevSecOps teams use gcp to test and develop new applications and software and to run the production environments for those applications in secure, isolated and cost-effective environments that can be scaled as needed.

In addition to its core infrastructure as a service (IaaS) capabilities, gcp includes platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) offerings. PaaS enables developers to focus on their application code without worrying about infrastructure details such as CPU and memory allocation, while SaaS lets enterprises access a large selection of quality, industry-leading applications via a single, unified API.

The gcp ecosystem provides numerous tools to manage the system, including a web admin user interface (Google Console), APIs and client libraries. The gcp platform also houses an identity and access management (IAM) framework to ensure that critical technology resources do not fall into the wrong hands.

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