Whipped Soap UK – How to Make Your Own

Soap comes in many different forms including bars, liquid soaps and body washes, but whipped soap is quickly becoming the new kid on the block thanks to its luxurious, silky soft texture which can be used to wash skin with or even as a shaving soap. This form of soap is made by blending natural ingredients such as oils and butters with a soap base and skin-nourishing ingredients then whipped to create its unique, indulgent texture.

The great thing about this type of soap is that it’s so easy to make yourself at home and can be made using your choice of colours, fragrances and more from our extensive online range. Take our Strawberry Fragrance for example, this fresh fruity fragrance of ripe wild strawberries blended with green notes and a sweet juicy base note is an allergy friendly option that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

As well as its silky smooth texture whipped soaps also have the added benefit of being incredibly good for the skin. This is because the recipe of this type of soap typically includes natural emollients such as apricot kernel oil which is packed with vitamins and essential oils that are known to be highly moisturising for the skin.

To get started making your own whipped soaps, start by adding the foaming bath butter base to a bowl and whisk until it becomes light and creamy in consistency, then add the lye solution a little at a time while continuing to whisk. When ready, split the mixture into two separate bowls and weigh in the pistachio green mica powder into one half and the white into the other to create a striped effect. Then place each soap into a mould (traditional wooden moulds lined with waxed or siliconised lye proof paper are ideal but you can also use plastic kitchenware such as tupperware style containers) and leave to saponify overnight. Whipped Soap UK

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