White Fox Review

white fox snus is a Swedish brand that was among the first manufactuerers to introduce all-white tobacco-free nicotine pouches that have the same mouthfeel and flavour of traditional snus. It is a smokeless alternative to smoking and vaping and can be used whenever, wherever you like, without any need for spitting or chewing. It consists of small teabag-like tobacco-free pouches that you place under your lip. Then, it releases its nicotine into your blood stream in a similar way as with conventional cigarettes or vape juices.

White fox is manufactured by the well-known manufacturer GN Tobacco, who have been active in the snus market for over a decade. Their experience and knowledge has allowed them to develop a range of different snus products, targeting every possible taste and strength preference out there. From the budget snus called Oden’s to the strongest snus in the world, Siberia, they have a product for everyone.

The most important part of their success though, is the fact that they have created a brand that makes it easy for smokers to switch over from smoking and vaping. With a product that works so much like smoking and which has the same nicotine rush, it will make the transition feel natural to those who have never smoked before and will ease the stress of quitting for existing smokers.

One of the key things about white fox is that they use essential mint oils rather than regular artificial flavourings. This allows them to create the strong icy fresh mint flavour that they are famous for. The oil also helps the pouches to stay moist and gives them a more intense flavour than other nicotine pouches that use only artificial flavourings.

These high-quality nicopods are offered in an all-white design that offers a discreet, slim fit under your lip and doesn’t leave any discolouration on the teeth. The high quality of these tobacco-free nicotine pouches combined with their super strong cooling mint flavour make them a popular choice for those looking to quit smoking or cut down on their tobacco consumption.

All the nicotine pouches from White Fox come in a can that is very distinct and stands out from other snus brands. It is adorned with a beautiful snus-related illustration that features a white fox, its crystal eyes, and the arctic mountains on the background. Its design is not only incredibly eye-catching but it is also very functional, as the can has a wide opening to easily add nicotine pouches.

White Fox is very popular in Qatar, where it ranks second only to VELO Ice Cool. If you would like to try the snus from this Swedish company, you can order it at Snusdaddy and get it delivered to your doorstep in no time.

The best known products from White Fox are the White Fox Mint Slim and the White Fox Full Charge. The latter has a higher nicotine strength of 16mg/g and is a very strong snus that can be compared to VELO Freeze. If you prefer a weaker version, we recommend the White Fox Light or White Fox Slim.

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