Wholesale Angel Figurines

Shop our selection of wholesale angel figurines to find unique gifts for yourself or loved ones. These sculpted angels are a beautiful reminder of our soulful connections and their heavenly presence. Our angel gift ware collection includes gemstone angels, decorative angel statues, memorial angels and more. Each angel is carefully crafted and skilfully hand-painted.

Angels and Cherubs

In Christianity, angels are a symbol of divine love. They are portrayed as infants, children and young adults and often appear in religious paintings. They also symbolize protection and are seen in many places where people feel safe such as homes, churches and office buildings.

Cherubim (also spelled cherubim) are a type of angel found in Judaism and Christianity. They are near the top of the hierarchy of angels and thus closest to God. They guard God’s presence on Earth and by his throne in heaven, work on the universe’s records, help humans grow spiritually and are a symbol of divine love.

Unlike the Seraphim in Christian angelology, the cherubs are not seen to be involved with battles against evil. Instead they are peaceful creatures who guard the sanctuary of God. They are characterized by the four faces on their heads, one of which is human and the others a lion, an ox or bull and an eagle.

This is the first Cybis cherub that was issued as an ornament and was available in both white bisque and color. It was originally introduced in 1985 at $75 and is 4″ high. It is signed with the Cybis mark and has a design number of 2000. This is an early example of the studio transitioning from Cordey molds to their own in-house designs.

Gemstone Angel Figurines

We offer a variety of crystal angel figurines for good luck, healing, protection and wisdom. These angels are carved from crystal or gemstone and carry unique energy properties. They are effective talismans for spiritual growth and development, aiding in the connection to angelic realms and embodying angelic qualities such as compassion and love.

These gorgeous crystal angels feature beautiful sculpted detailing. The most popular is a clear crystal angel holding a golden winged heart. This is a perfect reminder to keep your heart open and your mind pure as you go through life, and especially during times of change.

You can also choose an angel with a different gemstone, such as rose quartz, which is known for its powerful love energies, or lapis, which is said to cool down hot emotions like anger and stress. Lapis is also used to protect against psychic attacks. Other popular crystal angels include citrine and selenite, both of which help with healing and balancing your energetic system.

We also have an assortment of resin angel figurines. They’re great for gifts and for decorating homes or offices. Our resin angels come in many colors, including white, gold and purple, and they’re a great option for anyone looking for a more affordable angel figurine. They also make wonderful additions to any Christmas tree or holiday display.

Garden Angels

Decorative garden angels are perfect to add an air of whimsy and simple spirituality to outdoor environments. They also make a great gift for the gardeners in your life, as they can convey messages of love, peace and faith.

There are many types of garden angels available on the market, ranging from small to large sizes. Most of them are made from resin and come in a variety of colors. Some are painted and others are carved with details that mimic the look of stone.

Other types of garden angels are sculpted from blocks of stone or concrete. They tend to be more expensive than the poured ones but they offer a more stylish appearance. They can be decorated with moss graffiti for an aged look.

The last type of garden angel is a functional one that carries a bird feeder. It can be placed near a tree or next to a birdhouse, in order to attract colorful feathered creatures to your property.

In addition to being used as decorative elements in flower beds and garden decors, some of these statues can be integrated with success in other types of decorations such as fairy gardens. They can also serve as characters or elements in memorial gardens. This type of angel is usually made from cement and resin, which makes it resistant to weather elements. It is also rather compact, which makes it an ideal option for most landscapes and decors.

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