Wholesale Leather Bags Made in Italy

Amongst all the high-fashion brands of luxury leather handbags that you will find in any store, Hammitt is one of the few to manufacture their bags solely in Italy. This is because we firmly believe in the importance of maintaining the Italian heritage and history of leather making and tanning that the country has had for centuries.

Our bags are all made of genuine Italian leather that we have carefully selected from local master artisans and leather suppliers in Florence and surrounding areas. It is tanned using a unique vegetable process that ensures the leather holds up well to wear and tear, and ages even more beautifully than other types of leather. Since we use full grain hides, every bag has its own natural markings and characteristics that will make it look completely unique, and no two bags will ever be 100% identical, a true testament to the fact that this is indeed the finest leather available.

We are committed to working with the most ethical and environmentally conscious small business leather manufacturers in Italy. Our suppliers are a mix of established, century-old small businesses as well as emerging fashion labels that have been taking the industry by storm with their avant-garde designs and innovative approaches to contemporary trends. This is what makes our collection of wholesale leather bags perfect for style-savvy professionals, the fashion-forward crowd, and resellers who cater to a premium clientele. This includes fashion boutiques, upscale department stores and independent boutiques that are known for their elegant collections of designer bags. wholesale leather bags made in italy

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