Why Choose an Oil Filled Radiator?

An oil filled radiator is a modern form of convection heating, they are a popular choice in bathrooms and main living spaces due to their uniform heat distribution which reaches all corners of the room. They are powered by electricity, but the electricity is only used to heat the thermal oil, not the room, so they don’t consume as much energy as traditional radiators and can reduce your electricity bills significantly.

Our range of electric oil heaters come in both portable and fixed options, the portable models connect to household electricity with an ordinary wall plug and can be moved around the home with ease. Our fixed oil heaters are ideal for heating a specific room and come with thermal retention properties to help keep your home warmer for longer.

They work using a combination of convection and radiation, the electrical element is immersed in a thermal fluid which is pre-filled on delivery, this is engineered to spread evenly throughout the radiator body which helps with heat dispersal and improved efficiency. This means you’ll get a steady flow of radiant warmth which will keep the room comfortable for long periods of time with no cold spots or overheating.

Electric oil heaters are extremely safe and have lots of advanced features which include overheat protection, tilt switches to prevent tipping and a thermostat to control the internal temperature. They have a low surface temperature which makes them safe to touch for children and can be left on overnight if required. Many also have programmable timers which allow you to set the heating to turn on and off at different times, perfect for achieving an energy saving. oil filled radiator

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